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Chris' '90 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo (aka "The Shuttle")
The Shuttle's Engine Compartment Gets a Facelift
Updated: September 25, 2017

Summer 2000 - Since this is the LAST time I plan to remove the engine and transmission for an unscheduled repair, I have had the engine compartment repainted and transmission casings powder-coated.  This work should ensure that the car looks right and true-to-form once the entire car is painted, after, of course, the RC bumper and CS hood are installed.

August 26 - Continuing the reinstallation of all components back into their original position within the engine compartment.  As seen in the photos, we're now ready to reinstall the engine and transmission.

EB-LF1-Ready.jpg (61787 bytes)EB-FW-Ready.jpg (62505 bytes)EB-RF1-Ready.jpg (60976 bytes)

Here you can see the forty-some-odd brackets that I had powder-coated in the same bright blue color as the trans casings.

Original condition.

EngineBayBest.jpg (117775 bytes)
with engine
EmptyEngineBay.JPG (94642 bytes)
without engine
ecparts.jpg (56409 bytes)
All items from the firewall and fenders

Before and After Photos.  

Before After
Bare With Items Installed
BareLside.jpg (35234 bytes) PaintedLHFender.jpg (49399 bytes) EB-LF1-Ready.jpg (61787 bytes)
BareFirewall.jpg (35619 bytes) PaintedFW1.jpg (52082 bytes) EB-FW-Ready.jpg (62505 bytes)
BareRside.jpg (35026 bytes) PaintedRHFender.jpg (44892 bytes) EB-RF1-Ready.jpg (60976 bytes)
Notice the lack of ABS actuator.
EB-RF2-Ready.jpg (62315 bytes)
BareFront.jpg (43988 bytes) PaintedBehindRadiator.jpg (339541 bytes) Not much to see
here, really.

The Logbook Details. (in the year 2000)

August 26 - Continuing the reinstallation of all reing components back into their original position within the engine compartment.  As seen in the photos above, we're now ready to reinstall the engine and transmission.

August 19 - Starting the reinstallation of items into the freshly-painted engine compartment, I installed the clutch mast cylinder and brake booster and master cylinder.

August 8 - I took a slew of brackets from the engine compartment to a local shop for sandblasting and will take them down to Alkote for powder-coating on either Friday or Monday.  Version 2.0 entering beta.

July 17 - The Shuttle has returned from DJ Paint and Body with a fresh paint in the engine compartment.  Version 1.0 is complete.

July 7 - I drove around this afternoon talking with various body shops about painting the engine compartment.  After numerous stops and finding nothing but really bitchy estimators, I went to DJ Paint and Body, the shop which painted my blue Celica GT-S back in 1996.  Dennis said he'd clean and paint everything under the hood for $200 and have it completed by next Friday.  So, the shuttle has a date with a wrecker come next Tuesday morning.

July 5 - Stripped the engine compartment took about 3 hours.  Everything was removed behind the radiator support and above the steering rack.  When I jokingly asked Kevin (my mechanic) if he would disassemble the steering rack so I could have it powder coated, he so eloquently rolled his eyes at me, smirked, and walked off.  I took that as a "no".

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