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Updated: September 25, 2017

Item description
Innovative T04E-50 Hybrid Turbo



At some point, I'll finish installing the GT35R, so I no longer need this turbo.

It's an Innovative Turbo Systems T04E-50 ball-bearing hybrid turbo with a T3 stage 5 wheel and 63 a/r turbine housing.  It made 425 whp on The Shuttle at 22 psi on pump gas.  It has probably run ~10,000 miles, and is still in great shape.  No shaft play... No oil leaking through the seals.  Never *any* problems with it and it functioned well when removed in March 2006. 

This turbo was $1675 new.  Photos can be seen here.

3" inlet

T3 Turbine Housing
Stage 5 .82 a/r



Fits any standard T04/T3 hybrid turbo with a stage 5 wheel.   No cracks.  Never any problems with it and it functioned well when removed in March 2006.

This turbine housing was ceramic coated at purchase.  It cost me ~$280.

Tial 40 mm
waste gate



Includes 1.0 bar spring - It was formerly used on The Shuttle.  I never had any problems with them and it functioned well when removed in March 2006.  Used with a Greddy Profec-B, it easily held boost at 22 psi.

The only reason I'm getting rid of it is because I plan to use a Tial 44 mm w/g with the GT35R.

I think it cost me ~ $375 new.

Heat Exchanger


This sprayer water on the front heat exchanger to aid in cooling the water in the IC system.  This thing flows water like the Mississippi.


VHT Caliper Paint


I have (4) spray cans (11 oz.) of VHT 900F caliper paint; (2) blue, and (2) black.  After I bought this paint, I found some other more expensive paint that eventually used.  These were never used.. Never even test sprayed....  Once again, my loss if your gain.

SOLD!: JUN 3SGTE Surge Tank

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