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My Autos - My Favorite Vendors  (Be advised most of these links take you away from my web site.)

OEM Toyota Parts Suppliers
I've purchased parts directly from each of these suppliers and feel comfortable recommending them to others.

Metro Toyota        (Greg)
Kalamazoo, Michigan     800.581.3033
Toyota Repair Manuals
Gullo Toyota
My Favorite Toyota Dealership
Very honest and

Performance Tuners - In my opinion, I strongly recommend Alamo Autosports, located near Dallas, Texas.   For any custom solution, ask for Brice or Larry.  They install and fabricate darn near anything that can make your car go blazingly fast. They have the Alamo Autosports and Focus Parts web sites. 

Parts Manufactures and Suppliers
They either manufacture or sell parts to improve your vehicle's performance. 
Programmable engine 
management systems
Ron Davis Radiators   (Tim)
Custom Aluminum Radiators
Glendale, AZ    800.842.5166
ATS Racing  (Aaron)
Provides a variety of performance parts
Dallas, TX  nitrusmr2@yahoo.com
JUN Auto Mechanic 
3S-GTE 2.2L Stroker Kit
StarTech   (Cliff)
High-output alternators
Pompano Beach, Fl    954.943.1200
Toyota Recreational Development
(These guys wouldn't know a performance part if it jumped up and bit them on the ass!)
Random Technologies
High-flow catalytic converters
Top-End Performance   (Steve)
Provides a variety of performance parts.
N. Hollywood, CA    818.764.1901

SP Engineering     
Intercooler temp gauges
Temple City, CA       626.333.5398
Nitrous Oxide Systems
No nitrous?  No fun.
API International  (Shawn)
IC Spraybars
Engle Cams   (Chris Hummer)
3S-GTE valve springs ("361 inner")
Santa Monica, CA      310.450.0806
Susquehanna Motorsports
Hella distributor providing headlamp  upgrades.
RC Engineering
Fuel system upgrades - enlarged throttle-bodies, balanced injectors
PTP Transmission Parts
Houston, Texas    
281.591-6026 & 800.942.2693
Titan Motorsports   (Bottle)
Provided the Shuttle's
Tein HA coilovers
Rod Millen  
Custom intake and exhaust
for the 2000 Celica GT-S
All-Metric Fasteners
Metric Bolts and Nuts
Houston, Texas    713.695.2220

Online Part Suppliers: JC Whitney, Summit Racing, & Jegs.

Service-oriented Companies
They provide a service to improve or repair your vehicle.

Polymer Dynamics
Engine coatings of all kinds!
Houston, TX
Alkote, Inc.    (Brian)
Powder-coating, Anodizing & Plating
Houston, TX      713.695.3609
Performance Techniques
Turbo Upgrades
Majestic TurboChargers
Turbo Upgrades
SST Electronics    (Robert)
Repairs OEM Toyota Stereo
Tell him that "Chris with all the Celicas" sent you.
D.J. Paint & Body    (Dennis)
Very good collision repair center

Spring, TX     

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