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  Updated: August 29, 2023
Chris' '90 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo (aka "The Shuttle")
The Shuttle Photo Gallery

The Engine Compartment - Notice the custom tube header, twin-coil ignition, custom radiator, custom radiator hose, the 150A Starcharge alternator, and the Whiteline strut-bar..  See the Engine Compartment Facelift for more recent photos. 


Glove Box Electronics

Now you see them, most people won't!  Out of sight and out of mind keeps curious eyes from seeing too much, and helps support the notion that the lopy idle and loud exhaust is really the result of an engine in need of a tune-up.  Here you see the Greddy Profec-B and Turbo Timer stacked together and mounted to the lower left of the Autronic SMC engine management system.  



Gauges in Center Console

Look ma, no cup-holders!  I removed the cup-holders, relocated the radio downward about an inch, and then fabricated a panel in which I have mounted a Halmeter AF30 air/fuel ratio gauge, and two Powerhaus Racing digital intercooler temperature gauges.  Who needs cup-holders in a future 11-second car, anyway...

The Nitrous Foggers - Shhhh.  Don't tell anyone.  They certainly wont see them from above when I'm through.  Also, notice that the T-Vis is missing.  What's up with that?  Notice the modified right intake support such that it clears the #2 nitrous fogger.  The goal is to not use Nitrous, but it's here just in case.

JUN 2.2L 3S-GTE Stroker Kit - The most beautiful and expensive crank I've ever had the pleasure of paying for.  The gray coloring is an oil-shed coating which helps keep the crank free of unnecessary windage. The gold color atop the piston is a ceramic coating, while the darker coloring on the skirts is the Teflon/Moly coating.  The rods were also given the same oil-shed coating as was the crank.  All coatings were applied by PolyDyn.

A-pillar Gauges Greddy 60 mm Boost, Fuel Pressure, and EGT gauges.
The 6-pt Roll Bar Ok, this is one mod that I don't plan to actually make use of.  But just in case I actually make it into the 11s, it's here.
Front Timing Cover Just for grins, I highlighted the YAMAHA with white enamel paint.
New Fuel Rail and 720 cc/min Injectors My brother, the most awesome machinist and welder on the planet, has created the most incredible fuel rail and injector adapters for my JUN stroker engine.   Take a look!
Me, assembling the head Anyone who has assembled a 3SG head can appreciate the delicate nature of getting the spring compressed far enough while keeping the valve stem centered in the retainer such that the keepers fall-into place easily.  Believe me when I say that it requires a quick hand a deft touch to get it done.  While I worked in a machine shop during high school and performed valve jobs on a daily basis, nothing in my past compared or prepared me for this.  Assembling the 3SG head is, I'm glad to report, a skill that is attainable given time and devotion, even if there's no money in it. 
Dan, inspecting crank throw clearances. That's Mr. Dan McGregor.   Dan has many years experience building racing engines of American origin.  However, he wanted to get into the import racing business and my 3S-GTE was his first.  I learned so much from this man it is unbelievable.  Heck, he's forgotten more about engines than I'll ever know.
The New CS Hood Here's the CS hood and RC front bumper that I'll be installing when I get the car repainted.
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