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Chris' '90 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo (aka "The Shuttle")
Nitrous Activation for Immediate Boost
Updated: September 25, 2017

Long ago, I purchased a NOS 5030-FI nitrous system, and installed fogger nozzles on the back-side of the intake manifold as seen in the photo to the right.  And, even though it's been tempted, up till now, I have never installed the bottle, solenoids, or anything else that would otherwise yield a functional system.  However, The Shuttle has matured to the point where I think it's now appropriate to implement nitrous to aid spool-up of the turbo.

Problem:  The way I see it, any lag is too much lag.  Period. End of story. Plus, with the new Sparco steering wheels, people seem to assume that I've got nitrous (they've obviously seen F&F), so I might as well go ahead and install it.  :-)

To be clear, the turbo system I've assembled on The Shuttle does not feel laggy in comparison with other turbocharged cars.  On the contrary, the engine revs quickly and makes beautiful power even when running off-boost.  Depending upon gear selection, boost response is actually quite good.  However, as I state above, any lag is too much lag.  And, given that nitrous makes for such a great lag reduction system, it's time.  That said, with the implementation of Flat Shift, the typical 1/4 mile run will likely utilized nitrous only in first gear. 

Solution:  Flat shift will maintain boost during and after gear changes, so nitrous will likely be used only in first gear.  My system will inject nitrous only under the following circumstances...

The idea here is to inject nitrous at the first instant of full throttle, and continue injecting nitrous until a certain amount of boost has been achieved.  At the predetermined boost level, a pressure switch opens the circuit thus terminating the flow of nitrous.   In this manner, nitrous is typically injected for less than one second. 

Implementation:   A master switch on the control box is used to arm the system by applying +12v to one side of the nitrous activation relay (one of the four relays on the engine compartmenr PDU).  The Autronic SMC has a programmable 3D on/off table that can be setup to output a ground signal  only at full throttle and within the rpm range noted above.  I'll run this output through a NC boost switch and then to the other side of the relay's coil.  So, with the nitrous switch "armed" and the engine operating within the noted parameters, nitrous is injected, boost builds quickly, and lag becomes a thing of the past.

I'll also use a pair of LEDs on the Status Display (still under fabrication) which will denote when the nitrous system is "armed" and "active" (i.e. injecting), respectively.  It'll be interesting to see how frequently the "active" LED illuminates..

Just say "nitrous".  Only unknowledgeable idiots call it "naawss".

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