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Chris' '90 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo (aka "The Shuttle")
Summer '03 Mod List - Electrical Wiring
Updated: September 25, 2017

Issue: Inconsistent voltage - Since relocating the battery to the trunk, I've noticed inconsistent voltage at various times and at various points on the car. 

Solution: Although I'm 98% certain the variations I've noticed are due to poor grounding, I will go the extra mile or so and thoroughly redesign the power distribution units under both the dash and the hood, as well as upgrade the alternator output wire to a larger gauge.  I'll also implement one of those "central earth" grounding systems to ensure I have a consistent ground throughout the car.

Over the weekend of August 10th, I started digging into all the wiring that had been added to the car to accommodate the various gauges, controllers, alarm, and stereo gear, that have been added over time.  And, the more I dug, the more I didn't like what I was seeing.. a bunch of spaghetti.  Now, I am pretty good at wiring, and have not had any shorts, blown fuses, or other problems (other than insufficient grounds) yet, I decided to redo everything.  So, I gutted all the non-factory wiring and am in the process of redoing everything.  So, with the front bumper cover off, the fender liners out, along with the seats (F & R), center console and center console of the dash... it's looking pretty barren.. I've also removed all the wiring for the fuse-box which I relo'd to the hatch with the battery; and, the fuse-box will make a return trip back to under the hood near its original location. Over the past few weeks, I've scoured JC Whitney, Home Depot, a couple stereo shops, and a couple electronic parts outlets here in Houston for all the components I need to rebuilt the power and ground systems the we they need to be done.

Outcome: SUCCESS!!   I started the engine with the new wiring in place on Sunday, Sept 14, and found I had 14.5v pretty-much all the time with the engine running and the headlights on.

Key Accomplishments:

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