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My Good Humor Page - The Three Ducks

A man walks into a bar one night with three ducks under his arm.  The bartender who had already had a bad day decided not to even ask why he has these three ducks.  So the guy sets the three ducks down on the bar and
orders a beer.  After a few minutes he has to go to the restroom.

The bartender walks over to the first duck and says, "Hi Mr. duck what is your name?"

The duck replies, "My name is Monty."

The bartender says, "Hi Monty how are you today?"

Monty says, "I am great!  I have been in and out of puddles all day and I feel wonderful!"

The bartender says, "That's great Monty."  Then the bartender goes up to the second duck, "What is your name Mr. duck?"

"My name is Donny," said the duck. 

"Well how are you today Donny?" asked the bartender.

"I'm great!" replied Donny, "I have been in and out of puddles all day, and if I had the chance I would do it again."

"Great!" said the bartender. The bartender then goes up to the third duck and says, "Well you must be Donna," to that the duck replies, "NO.  I am Puddles and don't ask me how the hell my day has been!"

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