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Item Description
Toyota Celica All-Trac/GT4 production numbers
Spark plugs for the 3S-GTE
My bolt size index.
My growing part number index.
My saga with the Haltech E6K Engine Management System - a must read!
Buying a car with a Salvage Title.
Servicing the 3S-GTE Timing Belt
The All-Trac/GT-Four Buyer's Guide - a pre-purchase checklist
Wiring diagrams for the USDM ST185 factory cruise control..
Wiring diagrams for the USDM ST185 factory System 10 stereo.
What's your oil change interval?  Why?
Does synthetic oil affect the engagement of the high RPM cams on the Toyota VVTL-i system?
My saga on the ARP 3S-GTE Head Stud Kit - a must read!
Need a torque plate to use in rebuilding your 3S-GTE?
The spare parts that I have for sale.
My comments on why your All-Trac/GT-Four needs a G-Force modified ecu.
Fitting oil & water lines on the 3S-GTE for a Turbonetics T04/T3 hybrid turbo.
Tire size selection matrix.  The All-Trac came with 215/50-15 Dunlop D87Ms.
Food for thought on the Torque vs. Horsepower debate.
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