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My (former) 1995 Lexus SC300 5-speed

Too many toys; not enough time to enjoy 'em.   So.... On June 13, 2000, I sold this car.  

Click on the thumbnails below for additional photos.  

Exterior Photos

front.jpg (383369 bytes) rear.jpg (375262 bytes) RightRear.jpg (421381 bytes) engine.jpg (366303 bytes)

Interior Photos

dash.jpg (278335 bytes)
Instrument Cluster
CDChanger.jpg (496501 bytes)
CD Changer
CenterCOntrols.jpg (296591 bytes)
Center Console
glovebox.jpg (268452 bytes)
Glove Box
RightDoor.jpg (344178 bytes)
Passenger's Door Panel
PassengerSeat.jpg (308084 bytes)
Passenger Seat
DriversSeat.jpg (278116 bytes)
Driver's Seat
DriversControls.jpg (310721 bytes)
Driver's Door Controls
RearSeatfromright.jpg (284491 bytes)
Rear Seat 
RearSeatfromLeft.jpg (298103 bytes)
Rear Seat
trunk.jpg (311547 bytes)

> 3.0L 24-valve 225 HP engine
> 5-sp. manual transmission

> Low 55k miles
> All Power - Fully Loaded
> Black leather heated seats

> 12-disc CD Changer
> Anti-lock Brakes
> Dual Air-Bags
> Built-in Radar Detector
    (Front and rear - see LEDs on dash photo)
> Certified by Lexus - 4/98
    (Currently under non-transferable warranty)

> New Michelin XGTZ tires
> Tinted windows
> Garage kept

> Non-Smoker
> No Accidents

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