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This is my former 1990 Toyota Celica GT-S with 248,000 miles.

VIN JT2ST85N6L0058002.  

Have a look at the maintenance log.   You'll be amazed!  But then again, maybe you wont; this is a Toyota!

As you can see from the maintenance log, I purchased the car new.  (Actually, I have not updated the log in a while!)

When this was my only car, I drove it a lot -- about 30K miles per year!


I perform regularly scheduled maintenance and use only the best products, for example, Mobil 1 oil and Toyota oil filters.

I love this car!

Although this is the original color, I added the All-Trac hood when the car was repainted a few years ago.


I frequently travel into Mexico and the Celica has never, never, never given me a bit of problems down there.

And that is a good thing as there are no Toyota dealerships in Monterrey, Mexico!