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My Good Humor Page - A Fly's Story 

Once upon a time, there was a happy little fly buzzing around a barn when she happened upon a large pile of fresh cow manure.  Since it had been hours since her last meal and she was feeling hunger pangs, she flew down to the irresistible delicacy and began to pig-out.

She ate and ate...and then...she ate some more!!!  Finally, she decided she'd had plenty.  She washed her face with her tiny front legs, belched a few times, then attempted to fly away.  But alas...she had eaten far too much and could not get off the ground.

Wondering what to do about this unpleasant situation, she looked around and spotted a pitchfork leaning upright against the barn wall.  She'd found a solution!!  She realized if she could just climb up that handle and jump off to become airborne she'd be able to fly again.

So, she painstakingly climbed to the top of the handle.  Once there, she took a deep breath, spread her tiny wings, and leaped confidently into the air.  She dropped like a rock and splattered all over the floor.

Dead Fly.

The moral of this sad story:  "Never fly off the handle when you know you're full of shit."

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