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My Good Humor Page - Various Humorous Images & Photos  

Be careful about jumping to conclusions....

Canine porno. 

Now this guy wins the Bonehead of the Day award. 

Anyone caught wearing this outfit is probably due for a trip downtown to sleep it off.


Wait a second.  Was Bob Dole in the 2000 Presidential race?

Somehow, I have to believe this conveys the wrong meaning...

Let's continue to pour billions of dollars into this wonderful education system we have here in the US.  Yeah, right.  Vouchers, please.

Maybe it's just me, but somehow I think it's irresponsible to make guns this accessible to postal employees.

Ok, I like to race and go fast, but I think I'll sit this one out.  :-)

I think too many of today's twenty-somethings choose the wrong route.

Hmm..  I don't think I want to attend this church. 

(Item 3) Ouch!  No thanks!

So this is where college students are hanging out rather than going to class...

Very bad name for... pretty much any and everything.

And, so this much be where today's college kids are buying their stuff.

This way to the Batmobile.

Ok, sister.  I think you're having a bit too much fun on the Internet.  The porn sites are off-limits.

Yowza!  Thank you Sir, may I have another?!

People should know when to have the common decency to change their name before it's too late.

Now that's real good.  Like that sign is supposed to keep this hidden.

I don't remember this from driver's ed.

Hmmm.  That's some kind of secret location the Brits have going there.

Bert, finally caught with his fingers in TWO cookie jars.

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