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My Automotive FAQ - Spark Plugs for the 3S-GTE Updated: September 25, 2017

The following spark plugs are commonly used on the 3S-GTE engine. Gap 'em all at .032".

Boost Level


Plugs to Use Suggested
Plugs Gap
Stock to 13 - 14 psi 6 NGK BCP6ES, Denso IK20    factory specs
15 - 20 psi 7 NGK BCP7ES, Denso IK22   .023" - .025"
21 psi or more 8 NGK BCP8ES, or R5671A-8 (4554)   .016" - .022"
9 Iridium IK27, or R5671A-9 (5238)
 10 Champion C57C

For what it's worth, while I have utilized both the BCP7ES and R5671A-8/9 plugs in The Shuttle's JUN engine, I stick with using the R5671A-8/9 plugs even though they tend to foul-out more quickly.   Be that as it may, I generally replace them every few months or 1000 miles.

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