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My Automotive FAQ - My Part Number Index

Notice.  The part numbers listed herein were correct as of the date I purchased them.  Manufactures continuously superceded older part numbers with newer numbers.  So, do not assume these part numbers are currently valid today.  Always verify with your Toyota (or other) part supplier to ensure your are purchasing the proper part. 

Item Description Part Number (USD)
Approx. Price
Exhaust Manifold Toyota 17141-88381 List  208.14
Paid: 156.10
Exhaust gasket; manifold to CT26 turbo Toyota 17278-88381 List  23.78
Paid: 18.45
1990 3S-GTE exhaust manifold gaskets (2 required) Toyota 17173-88381 List: 26.95; 
Net: 20.18
Exhaust Manifold nuts Toyota 90179-10070 $1.31
NGK R5671A-8 V-Power Racing spark plugs NGK stock# 4554 $1.20 each
Rear Differential Support Member Cushion - This is the item responsible for the "clunk" heard emanating from the rear-end of your All-Trac. Toyota 52291-20010 List  140.21
Paid: 112.17
Stant 170 deg. F thermostat Stant 14077 $20, S&H included
Tom's 160 deg F. thermostat  Tom's 16700-TSW02 No idea 
Complete gasket and seal set for the 1990 ST185 transmission Toyota 04331-20061 List: 41.95; 
Net: 33.56
Complete set of gaskets and seals for the 1990 ST185 transaxle Toyota 04362-32010 List: 25.95; 
Net: 20.76
Oil filter for 1990 3S-GTE and 2000 2ZZ engines Toyota 90915-YZZA1 List: 4.91; 
Net: 4.49
1992-93 Celica GT/GT-S shifter assembly - same shifter as in the ST185 CS Toyota 33530-20550 List: 124.61; 
Net: 93.46
Oil Filter Mount O-Rings; 2 required (seals oil passageways between block and aluminum mount which is under the oil cooler) Toyota 96732-19019 (small)
Toyota 15517-88380 (large)
TRD 3S-GTE Head Gasket 00643-11115-001 $51.89
3S-GTE timing belt 13568-79045 $30.00
Water-pump to water pipe o-ring - This is the water pipe which goes across the front of the engine next to the block. 96761-24017 1.46
Water-pump to water-pipe gasket - This is the water pipe which goes across the front of the engine next to the block. 16258-74021 3.63
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