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My Automotive FAQ - My Bolts Size Index

Slowly but surely, I'm replacing all the bolts underneath the hood of The Shuttle with Stainless Steel socket-head bolts from All-Metric, Inc.  (See My Favorite Vendors for contact info.)  I also use a combination of lock and flat washers and recommend others do the same.

Item Qty & Size Needed ($USD each)
3S-GTE Valve Cover (7) 6 x 25  (0.20)
(3) 6 x 50  (0.45)
Rubber IC to Throttle Body adapter (4) 8 x 25  (0.25)
Throttle Body to Intake (2) 8 x 45  (0.75)
(2) 8 x 70  (1.00)

All sizes in millimeters unless otherwise noted.
All thread-pitches are 6 x 1.00 and 8 x 1.25 and 10 x 1.25 unless otherwise noted.

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