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My Automotive FAQ - 3S-GTE Torque Plate Updated: September 25, 2017

No longer available for rent.   torqueplate.jpg (13426 bytes)But if you plan to have one manufactured, here's a model to go by.

Are you rebuilding your 3S-GTE?  Are you using a torque plate in the boring and honing process?  If not, you may want to consider having one manufactured for your 3S-GTE engine build-up.

Why use a torque plate?    If you're like me, you want to take all the right steps to ensure a high-quality rebuild, and this includes the use of a torque plate during the bore and hone process to ensure that the cylinder bores are bored and honed with the distortion that is induced due to the torquing of cylinder head bolts.  If you are unsure of whether the use of a torque plate is important for your engine application, consult your engine builder and/or machine shop.

Items to consider....   

One.  Torque plates should be torqued to the block in the same manner as the head will be attached.  So if you plan to use head bolts, you will need to find bolts of the proper length to use with this torque plate.   If you are using a head stud kit to secure your 3S-GTE's head, you should use studs to secure the torque plate to the block.  I used ARP head and stud kits on my 3S-GTE, and this torque plate uses the studs/nuts from the ARP stud kit very nicely.

Two.   Use a head gasket (used is OK) with the torque plate.

Three.  Use the same torque sequence and amount of torque on the bolts/stud nuts when affixing the torque plate to the block as you plan to use with the cylinder head. 

Four.  Rebuilding an engine and machining your block requires certain skills.  You are highly advised to seek professional assistance at a machine shop that is knowledgeable in the build-up of performance racing engines to ensure proper use of the torque plate for your application.

Five.   I cannot advise you on all aspects regarding the use of a torque plate.  Seek the assistance of a professional engine builder.

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