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My Friends: Ian H. ("Hammo") Visit Updated: September 25, 2017
Long about May 2003, Hammo emailed me to mention that he and his wife would be vacationing in Houston during late Sept/early-Oct 2003, so I suggested that he stop by some day while he's here and we'd meet-up, share a few beers and hang-out a while.  After a few more emails, we settled on him visitng me on Saturday, Oct 4.

Activities.  We spent Saturday afternoon at my Mom's house (on 70 acres) near Livingston, Texas, hanging-out, eating BBQ and homemade orange sherbet, and riding 4-wheelers.  We then returned to my house, ate some pizza, and then headed out to the local weekly Woodlands car show.  After a couple hours walking around seeing cars and talking with folks, I took everyone to a local C&W club, Tumbleweed Texas. 

Photos.  I took the liberty to snap a few photos at my Mom's place between 4-wheeler excursions.  And, I had Andy, one of the primary organizers of the local Woodlands Car Show, take another photo of myself along with Hammo and Jeromy.

Although they took warmly to the Texas BBQ, I'm not certain exactly what impression they got from our outing to Tumbleweed.  LOL!   As the saying goes, "And a good time was had by all."

Jeremy, Hammo, & me.

Hammo's ST205.  Hopeully, Hammo will send me some updated photos before he sells his GT4.  The only photos I have were taken during my visit to England in May 2001.  The car was in a state of disrepair at that time.

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