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My Friends: Eric's 2002 Subaru WRX Updated: September 25, 2017

I met Eric during tranny swap summer of 2002 at Alamo Autosports in Arlington, Texas.  During that time, he was in the midst of buying this WRX and selling his turbocharged Accord.  The first time I saw the WRX, it had a blown engine, very blown, as in holes in the engine casing.  Although the engine was stock, the car had been fitted with some suspension upgrades and various stickers which contributed to the perception that it had been run hard and put up wet, as we say in Texas.  As a result, Subaru denied the warranty claim.  This caused the original owner to put the car up for sale.  Eric quickly bought it and set about a plan to rebuild it, better than before... kind of like the Six Million Dollar Man.   Needless to say, he's been incredibly successful. 

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