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My Friends: Carlos' 2002 BMW M3 Updated: September 25, 2017

I've driven this car only once, and that was back during the break-in period shortly after Carlos had just bought it.  As a result, I was unable to flog, err, I mean, truly exercise the accelerator pedal and six-speed transmission..

I met Carlos when I moved into my house back in 1991.   Back then, Carlos had a Mustang GT and lived across the street from me.  Since that time, he's owned and driven a Ford F150, a Toyota Tacoma 4x4, and a 1999 BMW M3, and he has moved to Monterrey, Mexico, where he owns a successful retail computer business.  His mom still lives across the street, and Carlos comes to visit about once a month.  His mom drives a Toyota Tundra which is a bit more suited to the sometimes not-so-good road conditions in Mexico.  So, Carlos takes the Tundra back to Mexico once in a while leaving dear ole mom with his M3.   All moms should be so lucky!

Here's Carlos' previous M3 along with a photo of him mowing the yard.  Today, I mow his mom's yard pretty much whenever I mow my own. 

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