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Come see The Shuttle at my retail store in Magnolia, Texas.
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Very Old Stats from June 2003

Recent Updates:

 Lexus IS-F Updates 

  • 2018 has been a busy year, and I've had loads of fun wrenching on the IS-F

  November 2012  

  • A few months ago, in June 2012, I reinstalled a ST205 transmission.  So that issue is taken care of.  Shifting is back to buttery-smooth.

  • Also back in June, I tuned her to 21 psi where she made 466 WHP on the Alamo Autosports' dynojet.  I do not have a graph to post, but power hit hard at 4,250 and held good all the way to 8300 rpms. This is on Shell Super Unleaded 93 pump gas.


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