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The Florida Debac
le - Application for Residency in Palm Beach County, Fl.

This questionnaire is used to ensure that the applicant for residency will assimilate into the type of community that we here, in Palm Beach county, have strived to create.

1) In which direction is this arrow pointing?
[ ] Left [ ] Down [ ] Up [ ] Don't know [ ] All of the above

2) The word "Gore" is spelled:

[ ] B-U-S-H [ ] B-U-C-H-A-N-A-N [ ] All of the above [ ] Don't know

3) When looking for a space in a parking lot, you notice an aisle with the parking space lines slanted towards the right (/ /), and a painted arrow pointing to you. You should:

[ ] Turn left, then file a lawsuit in Federal court because the parking lot has caused too much confusion.
[ ] Call Jesse Jackson, and have a rally against the injustice the parking lot is creating.

4) A "One Way" sign pointing in this direction means:
[ ] Keep going straight [ ] Turn right, the sign is illegal

5) Florida State is playing Miami. You should root for:

[ ] Notre Dame [ ] Michigan
[ ] Notre Dame during the game, then complain about Miami losing after the game is over.
[ ] Miami, then complain about Florida State losing after the game is over.

6) At the end of the Miami vs. Florida State game, Miami wins by one point.   Which of the following statements apply:

[ ] Demand a recount [ ] Demand another recount [ ] Demand a third recount [ ] All of the above
[ ] Demand that the game be replayed until Florida State wins.
[ ] None of the above (only applicable if applying for temporary residence)

Thank you for choosing Palm Beach County as your primary place to live*.
* 19,000 applications are thrown away every year

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