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Chris' '90 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo (aka "The Shuttle")
The Shuttle's CS Hood & RC Bumper Conversion
Updated: September 25, 2017

My US-spec All-Trac with the CS hood & RC bumper.

The Australian Group-A

Hey!   Here's the Shuttle with the CS hood and RC bumper installed and painted.  The large scoop faces up and rearward to help extract heat from the engine compartment.  Notice the difference between the front bumper cover on my car (above left) and the Australian Group-A (above right)..   I had my body shop modify the bumper to remove the horizontal divider so that I could get direct airflow to the entire intercooler.   Close-ups of the bumper mod are here. 

The CS designation represents a limited production Celica GT-Four in memory of Carlos Sainz, the driver of the WRC Celica during the early-mid 90's.  In addition to the different hood and front bumper cover, the CS (including RC and Group-A) model differed from the standard GT-Four / All-Trac in that it had a different ECU, ceramic turbo running higher boost levels, and a water-to-air intercooler, among other things.

Both the CS hood and RC front bumper cover are available from any Toyota dealership in England, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.  Find a friend overseas and have them purchase and ship these to you.

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